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An interior space lights up with a set of sofa that aligns with the ambience. Prime Decor has an array of solutions to provide customized designs for sofas. Along with alterations in size and designs we offer unique patterns that perfectly match your home or work environments.


Re-Upholstery Works

Revamp your interior furnishing with a touch of alteration to go with the change in style. Be it ultra-modern finish or conventional and minimalist look, our re-upholstery works gives your furniture a distinct look with diverse choices in patterns, designs, materials and fabrics.


Upholstery Fabrics

Furnishings in office or home interiors stand out with the right upholstery fabrics. They need to either match precisely or creatively stand out in contrast to the wall, floorings or roof decor. At Prime Decor, we have a huge collection of exclusive fabrics for you to choose from. Unique in designs, texture and creative patterns, the customizable fabrics match any interior arrangements.



Blinds help uplift the impression of interior space. Prime Decor offers a variety of options in the make and design of blinds for both office and home interiors. From conventional finish to modern patterns, made in wooden as well as other environmentally friendly materials, blinds from Prime Decor can also be customized based on the space dimensions and aesthetics.


Curtain Fabrics / Curtain Installation

Curtains and drapes make the first impression on anyone walking into an office or home. At Prime Decor we ensure that curtains not only look elegant but also help in the right amount of light falling in an interior space. We provide customization in design selection, sizes and additional patterns that help the curtains go well with the walls and furnishings. We also provide installations based on customer requirements.



Wallpapers provide an extra touch to the walls helping them match the elegance of interior space. Our customization service brings the newest collections in designs- from traditional to modern, stylish, abstract and imaginative works from around the globe. These patterns and textures can be customized to the design requirements and dimensions of the interior space.


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